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F-Body Install and Fix-It Guides

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This is my Install and Fix-It page!  I actually enjoy making up these type web pages as I do repairs, fixes, or modifications to my car.   I've learned a lot from all the great F-Body buds I have out there in Web and Email Land and am glad that I have the chance to help out a few people that might use these pages :)

The following are pages that I made.  I hope you enjoy them!!!
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I've spent countless hours on the 4th Generation Appearance Modification Guide below and am quite proud of it :-)  I receive a lot of email about the site and how it has been a big help.  I'm always updating the site so it's constantly changing and has new pics added all the time.  If you're looking to add a hood, some wheels, a spoiler, ground effects, or just about any other appearance modification, you might want to take a look at the site for some ideas!  If you have modified your own F-Body and would like me to include pics of it on that site, all you have to do is email me!

If you like the Appearance Modification Guide, feel free to place a link to it on your own page.  I even made up a simple button for you to use if you'd like :)

Appearance Modification Guide

ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 4th Generation Appearance Modification Guide
     Hundreds of pictures of F-Bodies with aftermarket wheels, hoods, and more.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 4th Generation Alarm Installation Guide
     Extremely detailed guide explaining all aspects of an alarm install - Tons of info!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) update.gif (1811 bytes) 4th Generation Trans Am & Firebird Headlight Fix update.gif (1811 bytes)
     Does your headlight make a terrible noise?  If so, check out this page!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Installing 58mm Throttle Body & Porting Intake to 58mm
     Detailed instructions of how to port intake to 58mm WITHOUT removing it from the car.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Camaro ScanMaster Installation
     How to install the Modern Musclecar ScanMaster into the air vent of your Camaro!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) C.A.G.S (skip shift) Disable via the PCM - NO resistor!
     If you have an OBD-I (94 or 95) this is THE way IMO to disable CAGS.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 4th Generation F-Body $5 Starter Kill
     An almost sure fire way to ensure that NOBODY drives your car unless you want them to!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) An Easier to Access Hatch Release for the 93-96 Camaro
     If you can't stand to open your glove box to open the hatch, check this out!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Changing Engine, Rear Differential, and M6 Tranny Oils
     A detailed & illustrated guide (for the non mechanic types :-) on how to change the listed fluids.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Replacing Leather Seat Cover
     All of us with leather know how the driver side bolster wears thin... don't pay labor to have this fixed!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Repaint Camaro Front Bumper Cover
     Lots of bug and or rock damage on the front of your Camaro and want to fix it?  Look here first!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 1993 to 1997 Camaro PIAA Headlight Conversion
     Check this guide out if you want a completely different look or just want to upgrade the poor lighting!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 4L60E Transmission Oil Cooler Install
     Heat kills the tranny!   Check out this page for detailed instructions for the Hayden Cooler.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) 11" Chrome ZR1 (Grand Sport Offset) Wheels on 96SS
     This page doesn't have detailed install info YET, but does have a lot of pictures!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) SLP Loud Mouth Cat-Back on 1999 Trans Am
     A short page with install directions as well as sound clips comparing this to the stock exhaust.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Intake Oil Leak Fix and Throttle Body Bypass Mod
     Fix the dreaded intake oil leak AND do the free throttle body bypass mod!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Installing Vinyl Racing Stripes
     Installing vinyl 30th Anniversary SS stripes on my 1996 SS.  Good for any vinyl install.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Changing Fog Light Bulb on 93-97 Camaro.
     Seems like a simple task but I hear the question asked so often, I decided to make a page for it :)
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) What's it weigh?   Check the F-Body weights page!
     An information page containing weights of 4th gen f-body parts both stock and aftermarket.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) T56 Clutch Pictures and Comparisons
     Pictures of a few different T56 M6 clutches and their failures.  Also compares the different clutches.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Painting Brake Calipers (also old vs new Baer rotor comparison)
     Instructions on how to paint your brake calipers.  Also a comparison of the old vs new Baer rotors!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Sequential turn/brake lights on a 93 to 96 Camaro
     Instructions on the install of the sequential turn signal kit sold by
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Sequential turn/brake lights on a 93 to 96 Firebird/Trans Am
     Instructions on the install of the sequential turn signal kit sold by
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Passenger Side Window Express Down Mod!
     Make your passenger window go down with a brief press of the button like the driver side!
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) Exhaust Day! Hooker Long Tubes and MAC install on same day!
     Not much of a guide but a number of pictures of the installation of two exhaust systems.
ballbullet.gif (1653 bytes) FREE (or almost!) HVAC, lighting panel, and speedo overlays.
     A collection of FREE gauge overlays others have designed you can print out yourself!

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The rest of the pages here were made by other F-Body owners.  If you have (or know of) a guide or fix-it page and would like to have it listed here, just send me an email!

Also be sure to add it to the Project Trans Am Database by selecting one of the database topics in the lower left frame then clicking on the Project Trans Am logo in the upper left of the database page!

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The listing below will provide you with a "quick glance" of many of the Guides available for the 4th Generation F-Body.  Many of these guides are also listed in the Project Trans Am Database.  For a brief description of the page or to see Install & Fix-It Guides for all generations of the F-Body (not just the 4th gen!), please use the database menu in the lower left frame.   Kelly Drown has done an excellent job on designing this database so be sure to take advantage of it!

EGR Block Mod
TB Bypass #1
TB Bypass #2
Rebuilding an LT1
Adjustable FPR Install #1
Adjustable FPR Install #2
58mm TB Install
TB Bypass #3
Homemade Adjustable FPR
Changing Engine Oil
LS1 Pulley Change
Adjustable FPR Install #3
Roller Timing Chain Install
LS1 TB Bypass
TB Bypass #4
ASP Underdrive Pulleys Install
Rebuilding the LT1
Using Sea Foam Cleaner
TB Bypass #5
Head Porting
396 Rebuild Info
Installing Motor Mounts
Powerdyne 3.8 Supercharger
FIPK Install
Intake Oil Leak Repair #1
Intake Oil Leak Repair #2
MAF Screen Removal
MAF Home Porting
98 SLP Cold Air Install
LS1 Ram Air Mod
Intake Oil Leak Repair #3
Intake Oil Leak Repair #4
MAF Porting #2
Porting Intake to 58mm
Intake Oil Leak Repair #5
Making a Ram Air Scoop
MAF Porting #3
LS1 Cold Air Mod
MAF Porting #4
PVC Pipe Cold Air
Direct-Flo & K&N Install
Fast Toys Ram Air Install
MAF Ends Install
4" Custom CAI
Air Foil Install
Custom Air Scoop
Custom CAI
Off Road Pipe
Borla Cat-Back Install
MAC Header Install #1
AS&M Header Install
Random Tech Y-Pipe Install

LS1 Custom 'H' Pipe
Removing SS Exhaust Cone
JBA Header Install
MAC Header Install #2
Homemade Y-Pipe for
Hooker Long Tubes

LS1 MAC Header & Y-Pipe
Mufflex Custom 3" Pipe
Home Made Hooker Y-Pipe
SLP Loud Mouth Install
FLP Long Tube Install
Removing AIR pump & EGR
Home Grown MIL Eliminators
Hooker Long Tube Install
Hooker Long Tubes #3
Blower & N2O
Powerdyne Install #1
Nitrous Kit 5176 Install
Nitrous & Fuel Upgrade
Powerdyne Install #2
Intercooler Relocation
5.0 Stang Kit on LT1
Valvetrain & Cam
Heads & Cam Install
Cam Installs
LT4 HOT Cam Install

Cooling System
LS1 Cooling Fan Mod
Cooling Fan Mod #1
Cooling Fan Mod #2
Meziere Water Pump Install #1
Fan Switch Mod #3
Meziere Water Pump Install #2
LS1 Thermostat Mod
Waterpump Pics
Hypertech Powerstat Install
Oil & Power Steering Clr
Oil Cooler Install
Power Steering Cooler
Meziere Water Pump Install #3
Water Pump Replacement
Cooling Sys Flush & Refill
Meziere Wiring
Cooling Fan Mod #3

KS Desensitization #1
KS Desensitization #2
B&M Shift Plus Install
LT4 KM Install #1
OBDII to OBDI - No program
Resetting LS1 PCM/ECM
ScanMaster Install - Camaro
ScanMaster Install - T/A
ScanMaster Code Description
LT4 KM Install #2
ScanMaster - Camaro - #3
ScanMaster Parameters
Electrical & Lights
Adding DRLs to Pre '97
Power Antenna Over-ride
Fog + Hi Beam Mod #1
Vented Optispark Swap
Optispark Discection Page
LS1 Shift Light Install
Fog + Hi Beam Mod #2
Alarm Installation Guide
$5 Starter Kill
Easy Access Hatch Release
Flash to Pass (Impala but the idea is the same!)
TA Switch Panel
Harlan Shiftlight Install
V1 Hardwire
Heads-Up Display

DIY Vented Opti
Power Window Controller
Swap to Vented Optispark
Sequential lights - Camaro
Optispark Install
Fix Loose Alternator Post
Full Time Running Lights
Electrical & Lights
97+ Z28 Tail Lights on pre 97
Electromotive SDI Install
Fog Lights for the Formula
Firebird & TA Headlight Fix
Optispark Rebuild/Replace
PIAA Fogs for Trans Am
TA Tail Light Swap
Camaro AutoOptiks Install
Camaro PIAA Light Conversion
MSD 6AL Install
Coil Install
Optispark Install
Over The Top Wires
TA Steering Wheel Light Fix
Make Your Own MSD Pills!
AutoOptiks Hyperwhites
Optispark Install #2
4th Gen Lighting Guide
Fog Lamp Mod #3
Power Antenna Install
TA clear marker lights
Homemade clear side markers
Ring & Pinion Install
Clutch & Flywheel Install
Limited Slip Diff V6
CAGS Removal - Resistor
CAGS Removal #2
CAGS Disable 94 & 95
Pics of A4 to T-56 Conversion
Rear Axle Install
Strange 12 Bolt Install #1
T/A Performance Girdle Install
Changing Differential Oil
Changing M6 Tranny Oil
!ABS Light for 9" Installs
Strange 12 Bolt Install #2
Driveshaft Install
Pro 5.0 Shifter Install #1
Pro 5.0 Shifter Install #2
700R4 to T-56
RPS Turbo Clutch Install
Rear End Gear Install
KTRE Rear End Install
4L60E Tranny Cooler Install
!CAGS Install
Moser 12 Bolt pics
A4 Tranny Fluid Change
94/95 Hidden Shift Kit ;-)
More of the Hidden Shift Kit
Ripper shifter install
4L60E to T56 Conversion
Converter Lock-Up Switch
Pro 5.0 Install in LS1
T56 Install Notes
Torque Converter Install
4.10 Gear Install
Transmission Mount
LT1 Clutch Install
Tranny Cooler Install #2
Sway Bar & Spring Install
Hal Shock/Eibach Install
BMR STB Install
Panhard Rod Install
Lower Control Arm Install
STB Install #2
Drop Bracket Install
Global West Track Link
Shock/Spring Install
Global West Track Link #2
Koni Adjustable Shocks
Spohn LCAs

Baer Trak Kit Install #1
Baer Caliper Polishing
LS1 Brake Install for 93-97
Baer Brake Install #2
Baer Brake Install #3
Painting Calipers
Cooling ducts for brakes
DOC file for brake ducts
Cooling ducts for brakes #2
Baer Brake Install #4
Painting Calipers #2
Painting Calipers #3
Fuel Rail Cover Install #2
LS1 Power Steering Clr #1
"Kleen Wheel" Install
Vette Fuel Rail Covers
LT1 Power Steering Cooler
Dynamat Sound Deadening
White Gauge Face Install
Firebird & TA Headlight Fix
97+ Console swap to 93-96
Roll Cage Install #1
GTS Headlight Cover Mod
Installing Vinyl Lettering
LS1 Power Steering Clr #2
Roll Cage Install #2
Roll Cage Install #3
T-Top Install Pics
F-Body Maintenance Page
LT1 Diagnostics Page
Aluminum Fuel Door
Front Bumper Cover Removal
Leather Seatcover Install

Throttle Body Plate Install
Fuel Rail Cover Install
LS1 Free Mods Page
Window Motor Change
Battery Tray Mod
Installing Gauges in AC Vents
LT1 Torque Specs
Molded Gauge Pod
Installing 11" rear rims #1
Installing 11" rear rims #2
Power Steering Pump Install
Replacing Seat Cover
Repainting Front
Fixing Paint Chips
Adapting Rims
T-Top Install Page
Fuel Pump Install
Gauge Pod Install
Elec Fuel Press Gauge Install
Boost Gauge Install
Fuel Pump Install #2