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1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6

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This is a picture of what USED TO BE my Ninja ZX6.   I recently sold it to a buddy of mine at work because I wasn't getting the use out of it "it deserved" :)  I was supposed to go riding a lot with my very good friend, Charlie.  We bought our bikes at the same time and had all kinds of plans to "tear up the town." :)  But, unfortunately for him, his bike (Ninja ZX11) was stolen before he even made his first payment.  Needless to say, we didn't get to ride together much.  My bike only had 1500 miles on it and was in perfect condition with not a single scratch on it when I sold it.

Let me tell you though, this bike was an absolute blast!  I highly recommend this bike.  I looked around quite a bit at the different crotch rockets available and found this to be the most comfortable on the market... at least to me.  Performance wise, it wasn't the fastest out of the 600s but come on, who drives these things at 150+ daily anyway :)  I was more than happy to sacrifice a few mph for the comfort this bike provided.

My plans aren't to completely get out of the street bike scene... they're just on hold :)  When I get done with the rebuild on my 94Z and get it running the way I want, I'll probably look into getting a 95 or 96 ZX9 to play on again :)


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The above are pics of my brother's son trying to be just like me! hehe :-)


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Here are a couple more neat pics with the Z in the background.