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I've collected a few links over the years having to do with the F-Body.   My "Favorites" folder was getting out of control so I decided to try and organize them as best I could on a web page.  You'll find many information and technical type links here.  I've also tried to compile various links on the most commonly asked questions... for example, a question that I always see asked is "What are the available scanners and data loggers for our cars?"  Well, I have here every scanner I know of! :)

Because I have many different link categories I have made it so you can quick jump to the area you want.  Just click on the category below and it will take you there.  I do recommend though checking out the entire page because you may find some interesting web pages out there you had no idea even existed!

Also, as a little add-on, at the very end I have "Brent's Link Exchange."  Listed here are web pages that I have found that link back to my own page!  Most there have either links to my 4th Gen Appearance Modification Guide or my F-Body Install & Fix-It Guides as these are my two most popular pages.  If you have a link to one of my pages and you are not listed here, it wasn't intentional... just shoot me an email and I'll add ya!  I'll probably miss a lot because this idea just came to me and it's hard remembering where I've seen my pages listed.

If you have a link that you believe should be on this page, please send it over and I'll add it!  This page is replacing my own "Favorites" folder which means I'll constantly be updating it so be sure to check back often for new links!


My Links Page Categories
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Custom programming your own PCM

  • AKM Electronics - This is THE place to purchase many of the cables necessary for the scan tools and programming tools now available and listed in the many links below.  I have one of Andrew's cables and they are of the highest quality.   AKM Electronics comes highly recommended in my book.
  • Carputing.Com - These are the guys who developed the LT1 Edit program for the OBDI LT1 and are currently working on the OBDII version.  (UPDATE: OBDII version is NOW available!!!  Check it out! I have this program and use it to program my Vortech 94Z as well as my 96SS.  You can adjust many parameters including spark curves, fuel delivery, gear ratios, tire size, transmission values, shift points, and on and on.   Why pay $300 for custom tuning then extra fees for updates when you can do it yourself!   Many kudos to these guys as they have given us everyday average folks a way to custom tune and program our own PCM at an EXTREMELY reasonable price.  Heck, if you already have a laptop you can purchase their software and a cable for LESS than what it would cost you to purchase a Hypertech Power Programmer.  Now that is incredible!   You'll also find info here on how to join a rapidly growing mailing list related specifically to LT1 Edit... tons of knowledgeable people on this mailing list.
  • Tunercat - Looks interesting but don't know much about it.
  • LT1 Edit Tuning of a Supercharged Z - by Christian Millard.
  • Project TransAM - A message board with a dedicated forum for LT1 Edit users.
  • LT1 Edit Instructions - by Christopher Bennight

PCM Info - Only go here if you are REALLY into this stuff... i.e., extremely geeky!

Professional Tunning

  • MTI - Motorsports Technologies Internet.
  • Modern Musclecar - Mike Licht has tuned many a Camaro and Firebird and is well known in the F-Body crowd.  He has an extremely nice facility where he can custom program your car on his Mustang dyno.  Mike is also a member of the mailing list and often times passes his expertise to the members on the lists.
  • Fastchip - Ed Wright is also well known in the F-body Internet crowd.  Ed has many happy customers and from what I understand does and excellent job with Fed Ex type tuning (a term I use when you can't take your car to him for tuning :).  Ed also has a dyno where he can dyno tune your car to get the most out of it.
  • TPIS - Tuned Port Induction Specialties.
  • Jet Performance Products - Not custom but they do sell plug in modules.
  • Hypertech - They have the popular Power Programmer as well as generic plug in cartridges for several common mods such as a supercharger or cam.
  • Wester's Garage - No experience with them but they do custom programming for F-Bodies.

OBDI and OBDII Scan Tools

  • EASE Diagnostics - An OBDII scan tool.
  • PCMcomm - From the LT1 Edit guys.  This is FREE.  Works with OBDI.  A $50 version allows data logging.  I have this program and it works very good!  All you need with the FREE version is one of AKM Electronics cables and you're good to go!
  • FreeScan - By Andy Whittaker.   A free scan tool for OBDI.  Will need an AKM Electronics cable.
  • TTS DataMaster - Data logging software for the OBDI.  This is free for viewing data but only allows 5 free recording sessions at which time it must then be purchased.   Note:  If you already have the TTS Datamaster program and their cable, this cable will work with LT1 Edit.  Also to note, this program can be purchased cheaper thru AKM Electronics and the AKM cable can be used too :)
  • EFILive - Don't know much about this one.
  • OBDII Virtual Dashboard - Hey, a home brew scan tool for you OBDII guys.
  • Palm Pilot - In the works but a Palm Pilot scan tool!
  • Diacom - An extremely popular OBDI scan tool.  Comes in a Standard version and Plus version.   I have this and it does work very well!  I bought this when I installed the supercharger.  Some type of scan tool is a must for a blower car IMO and at the time Diacom was about all there was to choose from.  If you like this, I recommend purchasing it from PerformanceSS.
  • ScanMaster - By Modern Musclecar.  This is one cool gadget!  I have two of them (one for my 94Z and one for 96SS).  IMO, this is the best scan tool for everyday monitoring of your engine's parameters.  I feel this way due to its compactness and how easily it can be mounted.  I have made a page for mounting one of these in a Camaro.  You can view this page by clicking here.  Kelly Drown has also made a page detailing his installation in his Trans Am.  Click here for that page.  Kelly also has a very nice page which goes into brief detail about the parameters the ScanMaster monitors.  Check out this page by clicking here.  Fred Forsythe also has done a great job on a writeup for ScanMaster parameters.  Take a look at Fred's page by clicking here.
  • AutoXray or here- This is an OBDI and OBDII scan tool.  Don't have any experience with this myself but do know of people who have it and like it.
  • Sunpro by Actron - I believe this is the type of scanner that you see sold in autoparts stores like AutoZone.
  • OTC Monitor 4000 - Professional type scan tool for OBDI and OBDII.
  • AutoTap - A very good OBDII scan tool.
  • Hypertech PowerScan - Not bad if you already have the Hypertech Power Programmer but I'd recommend one of the other scan tools if you're starting from scratch.
  • ABS Diagnostic Technology - Allows "talking" with the ABS computer.
  • OBDII Scan Tool
  • OBDII Scan Tool for your Palm PDA! - Yep, a very cool interface that allows you to monitor your OBDII engine parameters via a Palm Pilot or similar.  Looks very interesting!
  • Autocheckup - OBDI and OBDII scan tools
  • CJ-II Scan Tool - PDA based scan tool for OBDII.

What's All That Scan Tool Stuff Mean?

  • AS&M Fuel Trim FAQ - A pretty good description of short term and long term (integrator and block learns) fuel readings.
  • AC Delco - Some info about the sensors.
  • Calibration Secrets and Tuning Hints - Not F-Body specific but pretty good!
  • ScanMaster Readings Explained - by Fred Forsythe.  Fred has spent many hours researching and watching the values on his ScanMaster.  I had noticed quite some time ago on the bulletin board that Fred was one of the few who were able to answer many of the scanner/code related questions.  I kept asking Fred to compile his findings instead of retyping everything each time somebody asked a question.  Well, Fred has now done this and has come up with a very good page!  You really need to check this out!
  • ScanMaster and Engine Codes - This page has been put together by Kelly Drown (Project TransAm).   Some of the on this page is from Fred Forsythe.  If you want basic descriptions (not quite as hard core as Fred's page above) this is the place to go!
  • OBD-I PCM Tutorial - By Jeff Stevens
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Have an F-Body with 11" rear wheels?  Send me an email to have it placed here!

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Drive Train Related Suppliers

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True Duals
(let me know if you know of any others!)

WAV Files

Exhaust Related Manufacturers

  • Clear Image Automotive - Long tubes for the 4th gen are in the works!
  • MAC
  • Mufflex Performance Exhaust - Big horse power exhaust systems.  Also have a y-pipe for Hooker long tubes.
  • Paul Barry Motorsports - This is THE place IMO for header coatings or any type of ceramic coating for that matter.  Paul is quickly gaining a reputation as having some of the best coating available.  His chrome looking ceramic coating stands out above all the rest.   Not only does his coatings help with peformance but they look great too!  Paul can coat just about anything on your car :)  He has even chrome coated the PCM shell!   Paul is a great guy and I highly recommend doing business with him.
  • Finish Line Performance - Just came out with long tubes for the LT1 and LS1.  I hear they are nice!
  • FLP header pics
  • Hooker - Their long tubes have been out the longest so this is what most have.  They make great power!
  • Auto Fab Lab - No personal experience with this company but they do mail order powder and thermal coating and the business owner owns a 4th Gen :-)
  • Casper Electronics - These guys sell O2 simulators.
  • Dynatech - Racing Headers & Exhaust Systems.
  • DMH Performance - Electronic Borla plate!
  • Quick Time Performance - Electric cut-out
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  • Home Dyno - A very cool REAL dyno for your car.  Not some simulator type dyno that estimates horse power, this one does the real thing.  Check out the page to see how this is done as it is a bit too complicated for me to explain here. :)  Doesn't have the "neat factor" of the Road Dyno product but is still an excellent program at a great price.  
  • Road Dyno - Want to talk neat stuff?  This is it!!!  Mike Chaney came up with this program as well as the Home Dyno program.  The Road Dyno elimates the problems of noise in your recording that some were seeing with the Home Dyno program.  I have both programs and can honestly say that these are very much worth the money!
  • Street Dyno - Similar to the above.
  • On Board Dyno - I personally like the Home Dyno and Road Dyno (I have both!) but am including this link as well so you can see just how good of deal you are getting with Mike's products.
  • Cheap Shift Light - Very nice piece and works good from what I hear.
  • Power Window Controller - If you want to make your passenger side window also have the "one touch auto down" feature, this gizmo will do it.  Looks interesting but seems like a lot of work!  Personally, I just bought another Power Window Control Module from Dal for around $20 that'll do the same thing :)
  • F-Body Group Purchase Page - Maintained by and for members of the mailing lists.
  • Z28.COM's Parts Source Finder
  • Make Your Own MSD Pills
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  • Ticket to Mags - Not a magazine but a subscription service.  I've bought subscriptions from these people and some of their prices are extremely good!
  • Still have to stick in all my magazine links.  Will do this soon!
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  • My very own F-Body Vinyl graphics web page - I've started making vinyl graphics for the F-Body to help pay for the bandwidth this site uses.  If you like the site and need a couple high quality and inexpensive decals, check me out! :)
  • The Sign Connection - Excellent quality vinyl graphics!  They make the windshield banners and other vinyl graphics.  Just about whatever you'd need for your 4th gen Camaro or Firebird, they'll have it!  If they don't have it they can probably make it!
  • Mallory Billet Aluminum - Tons of very cool billet aluminum pieces for your 4th gen!  The owner of MBA, John LeBlanc, owns a very cool Camaro!  Check it out here.  John is an active member amoung the F-Body crowd and is always willing to answer any questions you may have about his products.  He makes some great stuff and I highly recommend checking out his site if you are even remotely into appearance modding your F-Body!
  • CAMPRO Designs - Fiberglass and carbon fiber.
  • BlinkBlink - Sequential turn signals.
  • ATS Sequential Turn Signals - For the Impala but they have been adapted to the Camaro.
  • Auto Indulgence - Make a brighter bulb setup for the Camaro.
  • Absolute Z28 - Compares prices of the different hoods, ground effects, spoilers.
  • RK Sport - Tons of appearance mods.  Hoods, graphics, ground effects, etc.
  • Suncoast Creations - Fiberglass hoods and more.
  • Wings West - Fiberglass spoilers, ground effects, body kits.  They make the kit on my 94Z.
  • - Reseller.  Ground effects, lighting kits, spoilers, hoods, covers, and more.
  • American Sports Car Design - Fiberglass spoilers and hoods.
  • Erebuni - Fiberglass ground effects and spoilers.
  • L.G. Motorsports - Graphic packages.
  • EveryThingButTheCar - Good prices on fiberglass parts.
  • Mecham Design Performance - Very nice fiberglass hoods and spoilers.
  • A&A - Decent ground effects, wings, and hoods at reasonable prices.  (Cheaper at though!)
  • VFN Fiberglass - Make a nice fiberglass cowl hood... the one on my 94Z!
  • Custom - Inexpensive fiberglass hoods.
  • Harwood - some high quality fiberglass hoods for both the Camaro and Firebird.
  • Harwood - Original site?
  • East Coast Motoring - Trying to get the Stella ground effects kit so he can start producing it!
  • CarCustoms.Net - Body Kits, Hoods, Spoilers, and Grilles.
  • Direct - Altezza lights for the 4th Gen Camaro.
  • - I've been told they carry dash kits for 4th Gens.
  • - F-Body full length A-Pillar gauge pods
  • 3rd Gen Decals - The stripes and decals made by Jay are top quality!  I can say because I have purchased his decals :)  Check out my car on his site here.  I highly recommend doing business with Jay... you won't be disappointed.
  • Boyd Coddington Wheels - Nice (and expensive!) wheels for the 4th gen F-Body.
  • ProCar Parts - Clear side markers for the 4th Gen
  • Unlimited Products - Fiberglass parts
  • SuperDave's WebShots - Several pictures of appearance modifications for the 4th Gen F-Bodies!
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  • Adjustable TPS Switch - I saved this link because this looks like a useful gadget!  May work better than the micro switches for activating your nitrous.  Don't know much about it but it does look interesting.
  • New to Nitrous? - A great page by David Mills detailing the many aspects of nitrous.
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         (and main domain name sites)
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Personal Favorites - These are the guys I spend probably 95% of my mod money with!

  • Internet Racer's Supply - Very good prices and a huge selection of go fast goodies.  Dennis is great and always willing to answer questions.  Excellent customer service.
  • Performance SS - Another great place to do your shopping.  Steve is a great guy and the customer service is outstanding.
  • Thunder Racing - I've bought a number of goodies from these guys as well.  Again, excellent customer service.
  • Modern Musclecar - Web page has been broke for what seems like years now but still, Mike is a great guy and really knows his stuff.  Lots of neat gadgets like the ScanMaster, VoltBlaster, MAF Translator, etc. come from these guys.
  • T Byrne Motorsports - Yet another great online place to spend your $$$.
  • Dal Slabaugh - Dal is THE man for genuine GM parts.  He can most likely sell you any GM part you want and most times you'll pay less for the part than what your local Chevy/Pontiac dealer pays for it!  This means you'll often see 40% to 50% off what your local people will quote you for the same exact part.  I've bought lots of stuff from Dal and have been extremely satisfied.  Just call him up and tell him what you're looking for... chances are he knows the part number from memory :)  Dal now works at Van Devere Olds and can be reached at 800-362-9494 or email   DON'T call Lambert Buick where he used to work!


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Want your page listed on my links page?  All you have to do is have one of my pages (most likely my Fix It & Install Guides page or 4th Gen Appearance Modification site linked from your own page!  If you already have done this and are not listed here, all you need to do is send me over an email and I'll get you added.  Thanks!


  • Still working on this section.  If you know you should be here, send me an email to let me know!


Thanks for checking out my links page!  If there is anything that YOU have that I don't and you believe would benefit others, please let me know!  I'm trying to make this a useful page for everyone!  Check back every so often because I'm always updating and adding to this page.