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Man cannot live on F-Bodies alone! :-)

Pictured above is my 1991 KX250.  Enjoying my Camaro and riding my dirt bike are my two favorite activites!  My buddy Charlie and I had been talking for years about getting some dirt bikes.  Then, one day, another friend of mine named Paul stopped by and said "Hey, I just got a KX250 from a guy who owed me some money... I'll give you a good deal on it... you want it?!?!"  Hmm... I thought :)  I told him I'd get back with him on that!  That night I called my buddy Charlie and asked him if I got one if he would too.  He immediately said YES!   So, I called Paul back and told him I'd take it :)  I've since been having an absolute blast on it!  No broken bones yet either... knock on wood :)

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This is me all decked out in my protective gear just before a day of fun.  You might think the gear is all show, but it's not!  Well, maybe the jersey :)  The boots themselves are very expensive (close to $200) but have saved me at least a couple trips to the hospital, I'm sure.  Similar boots have also saved by buddy Charlie and my brother Jef from serious injury too.  Anyway, not meaning to "rant" but at first we thought spending this much money on boots was kinda foolish.  We then ended up getting in a few crashes (or runins with trees and/or other motorcycles!) and quickly realized that if we weren't wearing these heavy duty boots, we most likely would have been seriously hurt.  So, point being, if you ride one of these, wear a good boot! :)

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You might be wondering how I get these bikes around, huh?   Well, take a look below!  The Trans Am makes an excellent tow vehicle... for a small utility trailier anyway :)  I have a Draw Tite class II hitch which you can't even see unless I have the actual hitch in the receiver.

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Pictured above are Charlie and by brother, Jef.  Soon after Charlie and I bought ours, Jef got the fever and bought one too!  Another reason I enjoy riding so much is it gives my brother and I a chance to spend some time together.   We both work quite a bit and until we got the dirt bikes, we didn't really see much of each other.  The dirt bikes give us an "excuse" to hang out a bit more :)

The rest of the pictures here should be some action shots!   I don't have many now, but plan on taking the camera out a bit more when we go riding.  We do some pretty serious hill climbing and I'll try to get some shots of that!

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This is me getting to the top of a small hill with about a 4 foot vertical setion at the top.  Those can be fun :)


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This is one of the areas we ride at.  It's called Croom and is located in Brooksville, Florida.  It's owned by the state and is really a pretty neat place to ride.  Pictured above is one of the pits.  It's fairly dry in this picture but can get pretty filled with water!  In the background where the trees are are litterally hundreds of trails that go for miles!  There are tons of pits, hills, all kinds of stuff back there!  The place is so big you can get lost if you're not careful!

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This is my brother getting some pretty good air and distance off a jump which you can't really see.  This area is located near Spring Hill and used to be an old bombing practice range.  There are hundreds of craters out there ranging anywhere from the size of a car to the size of a small business/large house.   My brother and I learned our lesson about these craters the first time we went riding here.  We were cruising along at a pretty good speed when we came up over a small hill.  Much to our surprise right in front of us was a huge crater 15-20 feet deep.  It was too late to stop so we both braced ourselves and jumped into it.   Neither of us wiped out when we landed but we did bottom out our suspensions pretty hard and decided at that point we would go a little slower until we learned the area a bit better :)

Well, that's all for now.  I hope to soon have some more recent action shots up!