GTS Headlight Cover Modification

by Mike Bridges

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I hated the way the GTS headlight covers originally fit, fitting flush inboard, but then overlapping the outer part of the nose cap; therefore there's no way to get the covers to fit correctly, IMO.  Also, I didn't like the cheesy velcro-like fasteners.  As soon as you use them a few times they start loosening up and getting sloppy.

So, I got out the trusty dremel with a cutoff wheel, marked the covers with masking tape to both show where to cut and to protect the plexiglass from chipping, and whacked off the outer part.  I then sanded down the cut edge with 100, then 220 grit sandpaper.   It's real important to get all the scratches out of the edge of a plexiglass piece to keep fatigue cracks from forming.

Then, to mount them more cleanly (and with just the slightest amount of overkill :)), I pulled off the velcro pads, lined up the covers, then drilled a pilot hole through the cover and the mounting tab underneath.  I then mounted locking nutplates with countersunk rivets (you could use pop-rivets, although I did solid rivets), and then mounted the covers with stainless countersunk screws with tinnerman washers.

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You can purchase these headlight covers online from a place like Internet Racer's Supply.

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