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This is my 1994 Z28 Camaro.  I purchased the car new on April 30, 1994 and kept it mostly stock until (can you believe this!) January of 1997!   Towards the end of 1996 I went drag racing with a buddy of mine who has a very fast street legal Mustang (high 9s, low 10s).  The track we went to didn't have many "rules" and I ended up riding with him on one of his passes!  Well, this is all it took and I've been hooked on making my car faster ever since :)  The guys on the f-body mailing list are the ones to place the major blame on for me getting so carried away with everything.  If it wasn't for them, group purchases, and the excellent f-body mailing list vendors, I most likely would not have the Z modded to near the level it is now... and my bank account would be a lot bigger!  :)

In the above picture, I don't have any of the badging installed on the car.  Here is a current picture of how the car looks today.  This is the picture I use for my own Windows98  background :)  If you like it, click here for a high quality BMP of the same picture.

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My Z28 came with the Preferred Equipment Group #2 which included:

*  Air Conditioning
*  Elec Speed Control W/Resume
*  Remote Hatch Release
*  Fog Lamps
*  Power Door Lock System
*  Power Windows W/Dr's Exp Down
*  Elec Twin Remote Mirrors
*  Leather Steering Wheel
*  Remote Keyless Entry System

In addition to Group #2, the car was optioned with the following:

*  Removable Roof Panels W/Locks
*  Automatic Trans. W/Overdrive
*  Delco-Bose Music System
*  Six-Way Driver Power Seat
*  P245/50 ZR-16 S/B Rad B/W Tires
*  Performance Axle (3.23)
*  Electric Rear Window Defogger
*  Body Side Moldings
*  Color-Keyed Rear Carpeted Mats

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Well, I was content with the above for a few years but then I just had to have more! Now on to the Good Stuff!  See below for details about the mods I've done!


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