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1976 Camaro... My first car :-)

This was my first car, a 1976 Camaro.  I bought this car when I was 16 in order to get to my first "actual" job.  My parents were kind enough to loan me the money so I could get the car in order to get back and forth from work so I could pay for the car.  You know how it goes  :)

1985 Camaro

This was my second car, a 1985 Camaro.  The '76 started to nickel/dime me to death after I had it paid for.  I figured out on paper the payments on this car would actually be less than what the '76 was costing me every month so I did the smart thing :)  I was pretty proud of myself for this one as it was almost brand new at the time with only 8k miles on it and I was only 16 working my little butt off to pay for it!

1986 Camaro

This was my next car, a 1986 Camaro (are you beginning to see a trend here?  Yep, I like Camaros :)  I had no intentions of buying a different car at the time but I saw it on the lot and just had to have it.  After all, I had worked hard and saved up a little extra money to be able to afford the slight increase in payments.  (Gotta remember, minimum wage was $3.35 at that time and I wasn't making much more :)  This one was much more sporty!  It had chrome wheels, wide tires, tinted windows, and best of all, no whitewalls like the 85 :)  I was in heaven!

1990 IROC Z-28

This was my next car, my pride and joy, a 1990 IROC Z-28 with a 350, leather, everything!!  Ever since I first got my license, I wanted an IROC so bad I could taste it but wasn't able to afford one.  After high school I was kinda burned out working 40+ hours a week for almost two years straight while maintaining a pretty good GPA, so I decided to put college on hold for a while :)   I started up my own mobile automobile detailing company.  I ended up doing quite well cleaning cars so I decided to make my dream come true and buy something I had always wanted... an IROC and a brand new one too!  The picture doesn't show it but I did end up tinting the windows soon after I picked it up :)

91 Z-28     90 IROC and 91 Z-28

This was my next car, a 1991 Z-28 fully loaded with a 350 also.   Well, I guess you could say, I kinda ended up with it *during* the time I had the IROC as you can tell by the pictures.  Needless to say, this little "predicament" I was in involved a woman :)  I only had this car for about 8 months thank goodness... it was very rough trying to make the payments, pay for insurance on two sports cars, etc., especially being only 22 years old.  My insurance company loved me :)

I ended up selling the black Z and keeping my baby, the '90 IROC.   I then traded in the '90 IROC on my current car, the 1994 Z-28.  It was a sad day when I traded in the IROC.  I really miss that car sometimes but I must admit, I'm having a blast with the '94!  :)

I currently have a 1994 Z28, 1996 Z28 SS, and a 1995 Trans Am.  As much as I hate to, I *need* to sell my Trans Am because I'm rapidly going broke!  I hope to have that car here in this section soon!