Installing Energy Suspension Poly Motor Mounts
by Travis White


Start with only one side at a time. Never remove both mount bolts together

or you’ll have a hard time getting it lined back up again. We did the

passenger side first and did not have to remove the Y-Pipe, but

you may have to do it! Use a jack and a piece of 2x4. You can place the 2x4

on the side of the

motor edge and jack it up until you can get the main bolt out of the mount.

Now, what we did was to remove the entire assy (both from the block and

frame) 3 bolts on the block and 3 on the frame I believe. It seemed easier

to get it back together and inplace as one unit. Once you get it out you’ll

see that the rubber mount is held inplace by rivits! Drill them out and

remove the old mount. Now, take a die grinder

with a roll-lock sanding disk and smooth all places that the rivits were.

Make sure the it’s clean. Clean the inside of the mount and smear some

grease on there. Place the new mount in and get yourself 2-3 sets of vice

grips. Line the bottom of the mounts up and clamp together or place in a

vice. (make sure that everything is where it was when you pulled it out)Take

another pair of V-grips and squeeze the front of the mount together.

At this point the two halves should be in the stock location with the new

Poly mount inside.

Use a mig welder and weld the halves together via the holes left from the

Pop-Rivits. There is no need to weld the outside edge as the 3-4 holes you

weld will be stronger than stock. Take a minute between each weld to cool

the mount off in some water as not to melt the poly insert. After you have

everything welded, shoot some black spray paint and they will look good as

new!!!! Re-install into car and start with the other side. On the drivers

side we found it necessary to remove the steering linkage to remove the

mount. The drivers side is much easier. Make sure you have a friend to