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This page will give you the basic installation procedure for an SLP Loud Mouth cat-back exhaust system.  The install is not too difficult and somebody with average tools and mechanical ability should be able to do this install.   No welding is required with this cat-back.

The SLP Loud Mouth exhaust can be purchased directly from SLP here SLP Loud Mouth Exhaust System for 98-01 F-Bodies.  The cat-back can also be purchased from Performance SS, Thunder Racing, or T Byrne Motorsports to name a few.

If you have any question, let me know!

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Here is a brief rundown of the SLP Loud Mouth cat-back from the SLP page.

Exhaust System, "Loud Mouth" 1998-01 F-Car LS1 W/Dual/Dual Tip

SLP has just completed production of a new, significantly more muscular sounding cat-back exhaust system for all 1998-2001 LS1-powered Camaros and Firebirds. SLP’s new exhaust system features a newly designed resonator which replaces the muffler and was created for the F-car owner who’s looking for increased power and a more musclecar-like sound. This new exhaust system offers up to a 25 hp gain at the flywheel and is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock exhaust system. Manufactured from mandrel bent stainless steel with your choice of either a stainless-steel, 3.5" slash cut or 2.5" dual/dual tips, SLP's new exhaust system is designed for those looking for both increased performance and enhanced appearance. SLP's "Loud Mouth" LS1 cat-back exhaust is easy to bolt-on and includes all necessary hardware, a limited lifetime warranty and detailed instructions to complete the installation.


P/N:31039  Exhaust System, "Loud Mouth" 1998-01 F-Car LS1 W/Dual/Dual Tip

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You need to get the car up as high as possible.  In the picture the car is actually on the jack stands. The ramps are under there for added safety.  You'll be yanking on things, pushing, and pulling, and the ramps are a good precaution to take.  Also be sure that prior to jacking the car, you put some type of block(s) under the front tires because when you start to jack the rear up if the car is on any type of hill it could start to move.

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Any of these pics may be clicked for larger image

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Remove the band clamp on the y-pipe.   This might look easy but it wasn't until we got the right tool!  First we tried a ratchet, then an air ratchet.  Neither of those worked so dug out the impact wrench.  Got it off with that :)  All you want to do now is just loosen the band clamp.

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This is just a picture of the stock exhaust.

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We didn't have a lift and didn't want to mess with taking a bunch of the rear components off the car to take the stock exhaust out in one piece so decided to just cut it off.  You'll want to leave the rear brackets tight and in place.  This will help to hold the pipes steady while you make your cuts.  We made a three cuts but could have most likely got by with just two.   First off, let me just say this was a pain without the correct tools.  All I had at the time was a jig saw with metal blade and a hack saw.  To make the minimal amount of cuts we needed to cut the pipe in an area where neither of these tools would fit. argggh.  So, we made an extra cut in order to be able to move the pipe enough to get to it with the hack saw.  The ideal tool for this is a sawz-all.  With a sawz-all we could have easily cut the pipe clean through in the location shown to the right.  Then, the only other cut needed would have been at the muffler.   However, we couldn't get either saw in a position to fully make this cut so we made another cut closer to the y-pipe on the horizontal section of the pipe.  The day after we did this I went out and bought one... didn't want to be stuck without one ever again! :) 

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The bracket on the passenger side is removed by removing a nut.  This will allow you to separate the bracket and pull the exhaust off of the bracket.  You will need to save this loose piece as it is used with the SLP cat-back.

You don't need to remove any nuts/bolts from the driver side bracket.  It simply has a rod that slides into a rubber piece.  You only have to slide the rod out of the rubber piece.  To make this super simple, spray some silicone lubricant on both sides of the rod and rubber and it will slip right out.  If you don't do this, you'll probably fight with it a bit!

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With the brackets removed and a couple of cuts made, the only problem now is removing it from over the axle.  This is the biggest hassle with this install and is why the different cuts are required.  If you made your cuts in the correct places, you can finagle the exhaust out with little problems.   You may find you'll need to make another cut. 

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With the stock exhaust removed, the job is almost finished.  Installing the SLP exhaust is the easy part!  This picture just shows the exhaust laid out to make sure we had all the parts.  We also started the car with nothing past the y-pipe :)  We were surprised at how quiet the car was.

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I didn't take any further pictures of actually bolting up the SLP exhaust.  Before you start putting the SLP components in place, I recommend test fitting the intermediate pipe with the pipe that goes over the rear axle.   Ours was slightly out of round and we couldn't get it together from under the car.   We had to take it back out, and force the parts together.  Once this was done it "fixed" the connection and we were able to easily slip the pipes together from under the car.  It is best to put all pieces in place but don't bolt any of it together.  You'll need to play with it a bit to get the intermediate pipe connected to the pipe that goes over the axle.  Once you have these two pipes together (don't forget to slide on your clamp first!) you can connect the pipe that goes over to the driver side tip.  With all this together, loosely put on your tips and align the exhaust.  It helps to have somebody help you to eyeball it in place.  Once you have it in place and where you want it, tighten up all your clamps and start it up!


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Now I suppose you want to hear a before and after, huh?  Well, this 99 Trans Am was completely stock prior to this install.   I made a recording of the completely stock 99 Trans Am sound then made an after recording at the same distance as the stock recording.  When converted over to the mp3 format I did not adjust any of the sound levels, etc, so the before and after recording should be very accurate.  Take note of how the Loud Mouth interrupted the peaceful birds chirping in the background :-)



Stock 99 Trans Am

99 Trans Am with SLP Loud Mouth

(both recordings in MP3 format)


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While installing this exhaust system a few friends stopped by and I took some pics.  Could this be called
F-Body Insanity???  :-)

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Here are some pics of Fred's car.  The wing is a custom made wing that started out as an A&A wing for a Camaro!

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Fred Russell with his highly modified silver 95 Trans Am drove about three hours and we helped set him up with a nitrous program using LT1 Edit.  The Red tubb'd SS is owned by my buddy John.  Charlie has the 99 Trans Am we installed the exhaust on and I'm the fool with the other three :)  A 5.0 stock Mustang drove by and revved his engine at us. BWHAAHHAAA!!!

Hope you enjoyed the page. If for nothing else, you can hear a comparison between the stock exhaust and the SLP Loud Mouth.   After having it on for a few days now, my bud still really likes it and does recommend it.  SOTP feel for power is difficult to tell for sure but when he left that day, he laid down two black marks in front of my house over 100 feet long :)

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