97+ Console Install into a 93-96 Camaro



This install was performed on my 1993 Camaro Z28.


I first learned of this on CamaroZ28.com’s Message Board. Someone posted a picture of this install done by Shady from Shade Of  Day. I liked it and inquired to Kerry at Lambert’s Auto Salvage as to the cost of the parts and hardware necessary for this installation. Needed were a console and brace out of a 97+ Camaro. The parts cost was $100 including shipping. As you can see I also purchased a Trans Am shift knob because the color was the same and I like the “T” style knob better. Kerry included the new shift knob for an extra $10. J


You can reach Kerry at the following:


Lambert Auto Salvage

2412 South Second St.

Booneville, MS 38829

Phone ( 662 728 0409 )

Fax ( 662 728 0489 )

Toll Free ( 877 728 0409)

Email: zparts@aol.com


This is a fairly straightforward install. It takes about 2 hours if you take your time, as I did. The advantages of the newer consoles outweigh the disadvantages.



  Duel Power Points

Four-Cup Holders

Side Opening Storage Bin




  Gap where the old storage space was, just below the radio.

New console lights red at night



Tools and Materials Required:


9/32” socket and socket screwdriver

Drill and ” metal drill bit

3/8”drive socket wrench and 9/16” socket to remove the seats if you choose to go this route (I found it to be quite helpful) as well as a Phillips screwdriver to remove the seat belt holders on the side of the seats

Needle Nose Pliers to remove clip on shifter knob


10”X10” piece of auto insulation or other to fill a gap under carpet discussed later

1 Can of your interior color spray paint for the braces to make them less noticeable.

 Let's Begin!!

 I removed the front seats first. I would suggest that you do it as well it made things much easier. Removal of the existing console. This is accomplished fairly easily. There are four 9/32” screws. Two are in the Console Storage space, one is in the storage space below the radio and one is under the shifter cover plate.


This is a pic of the front screw in the storage compartment



As you can barely, see this is a pic of the two screws in the rear of the old console.


Remove the shifter plate by shifting the transmission into neutral or drive and remove the shifter knob. Using a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the clip on the front of the knob and pulling the knob upward. Lift the rear of the plate gently and snap loose and pivot toward the front of the car and lift out. Unplug the light from the plate and lay wire to the side out of your way.


Now you have access to the final screw it is just in front of the cup holder, remove this and you can now lift your old console out.


Lift the old console from the rear, just high enough to look under it. There is another light under here that comes on when the console door is open. I am sorry I don’t have an illustration for this, however in the previous picture you can see the pin that is pressed when the door is lowered.


With this undone you can remove this bulb from the holder and place to the side. The new console has no existing place for this pin and you can tape the socket and place under the new console incase you ever want to replace the old console. I suppose you can modify the new console to accept this pin light but I chose not to.


Now continue to lift the console upward from the back till you clear the shifter and pull rearward enough to get to the cigarette lighter plug from behind the console. Unplug the connector and remove the old console completely and set aside.


Here it is with the console removed.


Now is when the only modification to the car is necessary. The area in the previous picture shows this modification. There are two holes in the illustration; the one to the right is for the screw removed from the old console, the other is not used for the old console however it is used for the new console. In the following illustration the piece that goes in this opening is shown. The existing opening is too small and there are two options; first, the opening can be drilled out with a drill and “ bit to the required diameter, second, the piece on the new console can be removed by cutting it flush to the console.


I chose to drill the opening, as I see, it the piece acts as a brace to prevent the new console from shifting side to side when force or weight is applied. The new console is sturdier feeling than the old in my opinion.


Now the replacement brace can be installed. I didn’t remove the old brace because of the connection points under the dash. The new brace doesn’t attach to the dash the same, so I didn’t want to lose this support. I installed the new brace on top of the old one. The new brace had to be modified slightly to accommodate the old braces use as well. The right ear on the new brace is removed. (As shown in the below illustration)


The new brace is mounted using the two 9/32” screws from the old brace shown above.


Note: I am going to take the old and new brace out and paint it charcoal to match my interior to make them less noticeable. I suggest you do this as well. I wish I had done it first. J


For the new console to be installed the shifter plate needs to be removed. This is a little different and harder to do than the old console. First you must remove the small storage bin above the ashtray, it can be forced out the front. Four clips, two on the top and two on the bottom hold it. With this out of the way, inside the storage console under the coin holder there are two 9/32’ screws holding the plate, remove these and pivot the plate upward from the back and the two front clips will be released with a little force. 


With the plate removed the new console can be set in the car front first to allow the power sources to be connected.


The new cigarette lighter uses the same clip as the old one did. There are two wires that plug into the cigarette lighter; one is orange (+) and one is black (-).  Now it is time to make the auxiliary power connection. I used the existing cigarette lighter wires to power the new power port as well. There are two blade type connectors on the new power source. I spliced and soldered wires into these existing wires crimping blade female connectors onto the new ends that will plug right into the new power source. The Orange wire plugs onto the centers clip of the new power source and the Black wire plugs onto the perimeter clip.


Align the screw opening and install the two rear screws in the storage bin and one screw in front of the center cup holder and the front screws in the console to the new brace.


In the above illustration the arrow labeled (A), there is a gap here between the new console and the carpeting that I found unappealing. I used some auto insulation to stuff under the carpet to fill this area. It is unnoticeable and adds greatly to the installs appearance.


The final stage of the installation is to pop the shifter plate into the new console front first. Install the screws in the rear storage bin and press the small storage bin to the left of the lighter into place. Now reinstall your shifter knob in the reverse of removal and you are done.


I hope you find this guide useful and if I can help answering any other questions please feel free to email me at nvader@mindspring.com. Thank you, Brent, for posting this for others to see.

You're welcome, nvader!   And, thank you for making up such an excellent guide for everybody!  I might just have to try this now myself :-)

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