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Owner: PCFirebird@aol.com

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Modifications to this VERY low Firebird ;)

Exterior: 17" Chrome Primax Rims, Wings West Body Kit shaved and molded, shaved door handles, shaved gas tank, shaved rear spoiler, shaved license plate area, custom yellow paint, relocated gas to trunk, 50lb door poppers, yellow udercar neons.

Suspension: Custom fast bag setup, 4 valves w/ 3/8 line, V8 rear axle from a V6 one.

Engine: Motor swap to a LT1 Vette, computer prgrammed, custom dual exhaust. (Motor was swapped from a V6... Couldn't afford the LS1 so got the LT1)

System: 2 12" Eclipse Titaniam DVC Subs, 1200Watt MMats Amp, 0 Gauge Wire

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To have your Firebird or Trans Am featured on this page, simply send an email to Brent Franker.  Please include a high quality picture along with the modifications you have done.  Make the subject of the email "Feature Firebird."  I am looking mainly for appearance modifications!  If you do not include a quality picture or detailed mod list chances are I will not place your picture here.  The rate at which these pictures are changed will depend upon how many submissions I receive.  I may update weekly or monthly, or whenever so check back often!

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